The Legacy of Elvis Presley Essay

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Many of us have a dream in life to be remembered by all for something great. It’s a lofty goal that only few have, or ever will achieve. Elvis Presley was one of the few people in our American history that achieved this status. Known as “The King of Rock and Roll”, his achievements have influenced our country like none of its precedents. This paper will explain Elvis Presley’s life, his death, and his profound influence after life. On January 8th, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, the “King of Rock and Roll” was born. His name was Elvis Presley. He was the son of Vernon Presley who was a truck driver, and his mother was Gladys, a sewing machine operator. He had a twin brother named Jesse, but he was still born, leaving Elvis to grow up as an…show more content…
He was cut however, because he wouldn’t trim his side burns and ducktail. After graduating from high school in 1953, he set off to record his first record. He chose the Memphis recording studio to record his voice, later to be named Sun records. The owner and producer Sam Phillips was struck by his voice. The emotion in it was unbelievable. He was then teamed up with guitarist Scotty Moore, and Bassist Bill Black. In July of 1954, the trio produced some of his best known hits such as “That’s All Right”, a blues tune, and “Blue Moon of Kentucky”, a country style song. Both songs possessed an up tempo and crackly style. They would become the blue prints of Rock and Roll. After five ground breaking singles, Presley’s contract was sold to RCA records and his career rook of at a rapid pace. His first across-the-boards-hit was a haunting ballad by the name of “Heartbreak Hotel”, and it held down the top spot for 8 weeks. There were also controversies to Elvis’s style though. His hip-shaking performances on a series of TV shows, including the Ed Sullivan show generated hysteria and drama. On June 5, 1956, Elvis appeared on the Milton Berle show and cause his first problem. He sang his famous tune “Hound Dog” with his pelvis shaking. He received harsh remarks that he had an “appalling lack of musicality”, “vulgarity”, and “animalism”. Catholic Church would put out in their weekly paper to “Beware of Elvis”. All of these problems created a
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