The Legacy of Mountain Man Brewing Firm

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Mountain Man Brewing Firm was an autonomous, relations owned brewery that produced the Mountain Man Lager, a beer recognized for its authenticity, quality and toughness. It had a distinctive rancid taste, somewhat higher than average alcohol content and was believed a forceful working man’s beer. It was rated the “Best beer in West Virginia” for 8 straight years. It was additionally rated as the “Best beer in Indiana”, “America’s championship lager”, “Best recognized local beer” and the “West Virginia beer”. Scutiny had shown that the Brewery was as recognizable brand amid working class males as Chevrolet or John Deere and this was the cornerstone of the brand’s accomplishment alongside blue collar customers. Brand frolicked a critical act in beer buying decision. Mountain Man was a legacy brew in a mature market. It relied on its past and rank as an autonomous, relations owned brewery to craft an aura of authenticity. The contest in the beer marketplace dropped in four disparate categories. Main and second-tier internal producers, import beer firms, and specialty brewers. The Main internal producers like Anheuser Busch, Miller Brewing Firm and Adolf Coors Company, accounted for 74% of the marketplace in Massif Man’s region. The subsequent tier internal producers had 12.5% allocate, import beer firms had a 12% allocate and the craft beer industry owned the rest. Massif Man Brewers were a subsequent tier company. Changes in beer drinkers’ preferences were a main cause
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