The Legal And Ethical Implications Of Therapy Nurses

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Stomal therapy nurses are faced with many legal and ethical implications within their practice. In such a busy and autonomous role, stomal therapy nurses may not be fully aware of the legal, and ethical implications that do exist within their practice. Nurses do not set out to find themselves in court, or to cause their patients harm. Generally nurses want to help others, and by being aware of legal and ethical issues within their practice, they may protect themselves from litigation, and their patients from disservice. What are the legal and ethical implications stomal therapists are faced with? Some of the implications found in journal articles include; nurse-patient relationships, professional boundaries, accountability, patient consent, malpractice, negligence, and ethical issues regarding stoma care and patient discharge. Many more implications exist within nursing, and should be explored thoroughly by nursing professionals. Stomal therapists need to be aware of all of the implications, in order to practice within their legal and ethical boundaries. This literature review will be focusing on the legal and ethical issues within the nurse-patient relationship, professional boundaries, and patient consent. In obtaining literature for this review, a CINAHL Complete search was conducted. Keywords used included; nurse-patient relationship, professional boundaries, patient consent, legal, ethical, implications and nursing. Peer reviewed journal articles dated
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