The Legal And Ethical Obligation Confidentiality Of Hiv Related Information Exist

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Exceptions to the legal and ethical obligation to maintain the confidentiality of HIV-related information exist. For example, health care providers in the U.S. have a duty to report HIV infections and AIDS cases to public health authorities. The benefits to the public health of this reporting are felt to outweigh the risk to individuals. Reporting of AIDS cases has always included the patient 's name and other identifying information. Although reporting of HIV infections initially was not done by name, there has been a recent and controversial movement in the U.S. toward name-based reporting of HIV infection. The debate over name-based reporting has focused on the need for more accurate epidemiological information regarding the spread of…show more content…
What would you prefer? An infected surgeon or no surgeon at all. It 's yet another example of the way in which well-meaning officials in a distant land can write policy guidelines which are worse than useless in a poor nation. But in the wealthiest nations where there is near hysteria at times over these issues, contact tracing is the standard response of a hospital when they find out a surgeon has HIV. Perhaps the most difficult dilemma occurs when there are conflicts between the clinician’s values and the client 's behaviors. Professionals know that if a client threatens suicide or homicide, there is a duty to report. But most of the daily concerns that arise are not so simple. Ethical issues come up in numerous, seemingly insignificant ways. Also, I feel fidelity is a fairly simple concept that can be violated easily. When a substance abuse treatment counselor takes on a client, there is an implicit contract with the client. The contract assumes that the counselor will work to resolve the client 's concerns and that information will be shared in a truthful manner between the counselor and the client. By having the client sign consent forms, the counselor is promising that the information provided will remain confidential to anyone who is not listed on the form. The client agrees to follow the agency 's rules. In a professional manner I would while strongly advocating ART as the best course of action for HIV/AIDS patients, physicians must

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