The Legal And Professional Issues Related Disorders, Domestic Violence And Child Abuse

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Gladding in chapters 3, 9, 12, 14, 15 and 16 looks at working with culturally diverse, therapeutic approaches of psychodynamic, Bowen, Structural, Solution-Focused and Narrative Family Therapies, the ethical, legal and professional issues in family therapy and working with substance related disorders, domestic violence and child abuse. Multiculturalism is a term used “to refer to distinct cultural groups within a region or nation and their needs” (p. 55). In providing family therapy to culturally diverse families, it is essential for one to develop “openness to diversity and cultural competence” (p. 56). Additionally, the success of family therapy in working with the culturally diverse is dependent on factors including that of sensitivity, experience, acceptance, ingenuity, specificity and intervention. Accordingly, the influence and importance of extended family and kinship ties are essential considerations for working with culturally diverse families. In working with gay and lesbian families, family therapists need to remain open, and aware of their beliefs and biases associated with gay and lesbian lifestyles. Likewise, with African American families, therapists need to have an understanding of multigenerational family systems, and address social and institutional issues such as racism, poverty and discrimination which have adversely affected African Americans.
Correspondingly, in working with Asian American families, therapists’ primary role is to provide orientation…
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