The Legal And Un Language

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Translation is a particular formula which is deemed to be a unique Process whose function is to unify the different kinds of culture possessed by the world countries. Translation has a variety of domains, and each and every domain has its own special style of writings, such as: political, economic, literal, UN, legal … etc. Documentary language, such as the legal and UN languages, is characterized by restricted pattern of writing of numerous levels, including: linguistic level (lexical, syntactic and textual), cultural level and speech acts. Both Arabic and English have their distinctive approaches in regarding the technicalities used with such documentary translation, necessitating the importance of mastering such techniques while translating from Arabic to English or vice versa. In this regard, translators of such legal and UN language find themselves restrained or somehow not completely free to use their own experience to render a legal or UN text. Rather, each and every translator is up to follow the agreed techniques maintained by speech communities. Henceforward, the problems arisen within these sorts of rendering are to be avoided by keeping such agreed techniques in consideration. This paper shall tackle a variety of different and diversified features on the level of linguistics, culture and speech acts with reference to UN instruments, highlighting the problems arisen within the aforesaid features. EL FARHATY(2015) To start with lexical
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