The Legal Approach Of The American Constitution

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The Legal Approach: This approach is very tricky to control the president, and therefore, it is very important to block and prevent any tyrannical regime because it is all about laws and legislatures. In here, the American constitution is very important and leads the way. It shows that how the constitution plays a role in presidency. Through this, the significant advantage of this approach is that the president and his or her presidency is controlled by the constitution, laws, legal precedents and customs. The legal approach limits the power of the president, and put some boundaries of the presidential warrant, reach and powers to prevent any tyrannical kind of regimes. This approach also determines that how a president uses his or her authority with other branches of the federal government, such as judiciary, the congress and bureaucracy.
The Institutional Approach: The Institutional Approach is a traditional old and significant one that affects the attitudes of the president towards the institution of the presidency. Because of this, this approach deals with legislature, executive, judiciary, political parties, interest groups, and the president himself/herself. “The presidential institution exists to handle three sets of responsibilities, regardless of who is president: policy issues, political targets, and the daily workload” (Nelson, year, 41). Of course, the presidency as an institution is very important. Also, a president plays an important role in this institution.…
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