The Legal Aspects Of Brazil

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Legal Aspects The legal aspects of Brazil are as large and diverse as their population. Brazil is currently a Federal Republic. Similar to the United States, it has three legislative branches, the executive, legislative and judicial (“South America: Brazil”, n.d.). Brazil also has a constitution that sets the rules for its government and citizens, and is very similar to the United States Constitution. The government has high tariffs put into place to encourage other countries to bring their manufacturing jobs to Brazil, instead of having those companies import their goods. On the reverse side, the government has tax breaks and investment incentives available to those companies looking to bring manufacturing opportunities into Brazil,…show more content…
They value the attempt the person or company made at reciprocating the mutual respect. . Once the business is established, one particular avenue that is critical to be utilized in Brazil is social media. Forty percent of Brazil’s population is under the age of 25 (Burg, 2014). This could be a leading factor why Brazilian’s use social media more than any other country. It is critical for businesses to utilize social media sites to assist with establishing their brand. It will expedite people becoming familiar with their product. As Brazilians appreciate things that are familiar to them, social media is a critical component to a company’s business plan. As Brazilians are tied to technology, another potential technological opportunity is their ability and desire to purchase things online. Not only does the company need to introduce a product or company through social media, the product or service also needs to be able to be purchased or ordered online. Brazilian’s are also very family oriented. Family is the base of their social structure and stability. In business, it is natural for family members to hire other family members, as it is looked upon as a primary importance to continue to make the family stronger. This would be another area where a local Brazilian partner could be beneficial; to incorporate the knowledge a local company has with
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