The Legal Consumption Of Alcohol

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During the early 1900 's, people in America were living with the drastic changes that the Civil War had inevitably brought. Under the United States Constitution, peoples lives, liberties and all their inclusive rights were protected throughout all of the Amendments. Included in these rights were the legal consumption of alcohol, as well as the distribution. With a danger of human life, and the moral of the Country, the U.S Government passed the Eighteenth Amendment. Prohibition was the Eighteenth Amendment, this banned the legal use, production, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States. Alcohol had been a rampant issue in the United States for a long time, the ban on alcohol was a victory for life, liberty, and growth in America. Prohibition banned alcohol, and all inclusive aspects dealing with the beverage. Alcohol was viewed as a key issue in the progress of America. Frank Salamone writes “It seems inevitable that people will seek to ban the bad habits of others. Certainly, there was cause for concern regarding the high consumption of alcohol in the United States and its effects on individuals and families. By all accounts, alcoholism was a serious problem in America, and people sought solutions for it.” (Salamone 2) These particular issues stemmed long before the Civil War, however, the end of the war made this issue a priority for the government. With America in dire need of change, the government pulled together and insisted on…
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