The Legal Definition Of Child Abuse

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I choose to research child abuse because I have seen a lot of it and I just wanted to inform other people about it. The reason I have seen a lot of child abuse is because my aunt is a foster mom and most of the kids that she has fostered are abused and some have been adopted into my family. I have seen how much it still affects them even after years of living with someone else and being able to talk openly about the abuse. They still have issues and act out as a result of these issues. The number of children abused and neglected changes each year, so these are the statistics: 1999-829,000, 2000-881,000, 2001-903,000, 2002-896,00, 2002-896,000, 2003-906,000, 2004-872,000, 2005-899,000. (American Humane Association) In Indiana child abuse is split up into several different categories sexual, physical, emotional, mental, and then there is also child neglect, which people usually put with child abuse. In this paper I am just going to focus on mental and physical abuse. The legal definition of child abuse in Indiana is “….the child’s physical or mental health is seriously endangered due to injury by the act or omission of the child’s parent, guardian, or custodian.” Physical abuse is intentional infliction of physical injury. Emotional Abuse is the chronic attitude or acts of a caretaker which are threatening to the child’s development of a sound and healthy professional. (SCAN) In 2012 an estimated 3.4 million cases of child abuse were reported and in these cases it was said…
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