The Legal Drinking Age Of The United States Essay

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Tolerance People believe that alcohol is essential to have a great party. People use alcohol for many reasons; peer pressure, anxiety, and to curb insomnia are some of the few reasons. Alcohol affects the parts of the brain that controls movement, speech, judgement, and memory. This is why some people cannot remember the night before when they went out drinking. It is a common fact that most teenagers have had a drink of alcohol before their twenty-first birthday. Most teenagers drink regularly or in some cases, binge drink. Nobody can prevent underage drinking. When people tell a teenagers they cannot have something, it inclines them to want it even more and teenagers will go to extreme lengths to obtain it. In 1984, Congress passed the law stating the legal drinking age in the United States was twenty-one (Alcoholism). As of today, four states in the US are debating whether or not to lower the drinking age back to eighteen, New Hampshire, Minnesota, California, and New Jersey (Thrillist). The drinking age should be lower to eighteen years old because at this age, people can sign up for the military, it can aid colleges to promote safe drinking, and could aid in lowering drinking and driving car wrecks. “Nearly half of all alcohol use reported by college students is among those who are underage, according to the Johns Hopkins Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, and about forty percent of all college students binge drink” (Abba). Underage drinking inevitable. College
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