The Legal Drinking Age Of The United States

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In the United States, when a man or women turn eighteen they are considered an adult. Being eighteen, they are not acknowledged as teenagers anymore. They have more freedom and more opportunities to become independent. Some of the opportunities an eighteen years old are given are the right to vote, open bank accounts, lease their own apartment or join the military. They have equal opportunities like adults over the age of twenty-one. However, anyone between the age of eighteen through twenty are not allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages or attend bars because they are considered underage. Anyone between the age of eighteen and twenty should not be denied the right purchase alcoholic beverage. They are mature and well aware of the consequences alcohol leads to. Allowing the legal drinking age to lower to eighteen, it will decrease unsafe drinking activities, decrease misdemeanors, and also decrease the percentage of drunk driving accidents. People are considered adults by the time they are eighteen they should have the equal right as any other adults, despite of their age. To begin with, reducing the drinking age to eighteen will reduce the percentage of unsafe drinking activates. Fraternity house party is an example of an unsafe drinking activity. There are under no supervision and majority of the people that attend are underage of the legal drinking age. Underage people tend to attend fraternity houses because it allows them to drink without anyone authorization even
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