The Legal Drinking Age Of The United States

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The legal drinking age has always been a debatable topic that people argue about all the time. Alcohol has been a drug problem for the majority of our young adults all around the world. The goal is to decrease the effects of underage drinking In the United States by keeping the legal drinking law 21. Every state had the right to their own legal drinking age, therefore during the 1970 & 1980’s some states had 21 while others had 18. This problem was carried over when teenagers got behind the wheel while intoxicated. Several studies have shown that "blood borders" between states with different MLDAs caught public attention after highly-publicized crashes in which youth below the legal drinking age would drive to an adjoining state with a lower MLDA, drink legally, and crash on their way home (Hedlund, J., Ulmer, R., & Preusser, D. 2001). In comparing the states with a lower MLDA to the ones with a higher MLDA it was proven that the car crashes, fatalities and the alcohol consumption amongst young teens intoxicated outweighed the states with a legal drinking age of twenty one. In 1984 the National Minimum Drinking Act law was passed and all states were encouraged to increase the legal drinking age to twenty one and the states that refused would lose a portion of their federal-aid highway construction funding (Hedlund, J., Ulmer, R., & Preusser, D. 2001). Overtime it has been proven that the young adult alcohol related fatalities has decreased by 63% in 1982 which
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