The Legal Drinking Age Of The United States

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Throughout the world, the age when a child becomes an adult is at the age 18. Most people gain the right to vote, start to work for themselves, drive in certain countries. All of this being said, an additional privilege is the ability for one to be able to legally drink. The United States is one of the only countries who´s legal drinking age is separate from the declared age of an official adult under the law. The idea of putting restrictions on a “legal” adult, makes the issue more complicated for that their are still restrictions that make an adult like a child. The legal drinking age in the United States should be lowered to the age of 18 because it will not only give the full right of passage into adulthood, but it is important to keep on par with our international community in terms of underlying laws to each government and their respective cultures.
After all that has been stated in the magazine Mental Floos, an article written by Ethan Trex titled Why is the Drinking Age 21, there are some historical contrarieties among the legal drinking age as for the U.S. The U.S has had a history of attempting to restrict and control drinking in America, especially during the 20th century with the examples of the Prohibition where no matter what, people found ways to drink. The Prohibition was nationwide ban of the transportation of alcohol beverages. After the end of this period, state governments had the power over the years to have fluctuating drinking ages, making it
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