The Legal Drinking Age Should Be Legal

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In the year 1920, the U.S. enforced the Prohibition Act that banned the manufacturing, transportation and sale of all alcohol. The Prohibition lasted a total of 13 years before being abolished in 1933 since the government could not stop the entire country from buying and/or selling alcohol illegally. It seemed that the more they tried to get rid of alcohol, the more people would want it so instead of having continuous law breakers, they’d rather the people drink freely hence Prohibition ending. Drugs, on the other hand, were legal all the way up until 1914, where the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act took place. The Harrison Act basically put a tax on drugs and made it only so that people with sincere medical issues could use certain drugs, …show more content…

The use of drugs weakens the immune system, causes cardiovascular conditions, liver damage and other bodily damages. Also, both drugs and alcohol are proven to leave a lasting effect on someone’s brain. The only way to stop these damages is to stop the addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. In today’s society, there are a lot of drug and alcohol related crimes. 80% of the nation’s inmate’s abuse drugs and/or alcohol, 50% are clinically addicted and 60% tested positive for illegal drug usage after being arrested. It is also one of the causes of domestic violence. 25-50% of family violence is caused by drinking but not all domestic violence is caused by drinking. Crimes involving drugs are usually when people get caught selling them or when they get caught using said drugs. The media also has a big effect on the consumption of alcohol in today’s society. They have created a mass variety of alcohol advertisements that appeal to specific audiences. Some commercials show that if you drink their alcohol, then you’ll get more women and be more attractive while others show that if you buy their brand of alcohol, then you’ll be more popular. They use things that’ll attract men, like women, cars, popularity, money, etc., to influence men to buy their alcohol. Social media has also portrayed drinking alcohol as something that everyone does, especially in college. While I cannot vouch for everyone, I know that not all college students consume a lot of, if any, alcohol. Most

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