The Legal Environment That Governs Over The Contracts Reboot Media

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It has been my pleasure as a Research Security Consultant to conduct a brief overview of the legal environment that governs over the contracts Reboot Media has previously won. This report will consist of the laws, policies and regulations that each chief information security officer (CISO) and the senior staff to Reboot Media must understand. In the contracts, which Reboot Media has previously won, will require each of the CISO to make policies in accordance to the public or private organization. Each of these policies must be written to comply with the organizations’ need for accountability, confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Reboot Media has won three major contracts to support CISOs in the Washington DC area. These contracts…show more content…
Health Care Providers account for any facility that provides any type of physical or mental care such as therapeutic, rehabilitative, preventive and diagnostic care as well as is paid for healthcare (Dreyzehner). Any business that receives health related information from hospitals billing services and deals with processing that information is part of the Health Care Clearinghouse entity, because they have access to sensitive information about patient’s financial records that needs to be protected under HIPPA. Programs known as Medicare and Medicaid are created to facilitate patients pay for their medical cost, which causes these programs to acquire personal, medical and financial information of their patients. These programs are part of the Health Plans, and HIPPA ensures that all of the information is safe and patients continue to be provided with health insurance. Accountability Policy Each medical and research facility will have sensitive equipment and data. There are many different stakeholders who invest and depend on the accountability of the all the equipment at all times (Washington University). The CISO’s will need too implement accountability over the equipment and data in each of the medical and research facilities. The following, which will need to be addressed in each of the policies, will be as follows • User Access o There will be users with higher privilege access with

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