The Legal Environment of Business

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Assume that you are the supervisor of an employee who has been accused of sexually harassing a fellow co-worker. What steps would you take to handle the situation? What are the potential legal issues of which you must be cognizant? How would you help your company avoid a potential charge of discrimination (by the employee bringing the internal charge) and/or retaliation (by the individual charged with the alleged violation)? Harassment of any kind can be down right nasty. The role of a supervisor is twofold. They must protect the well being of the company they represent as well as keep their employees informed and safe. It takes special innate and learned character traits to be an effective supervisor. One important trait I suppose…show more content…
(391, Beatty) The first thing Ashley did was talk to both Jamie and Miles separately and they gave written statements to their perception of what happened. She was conscience not to take sides or express favor of one side over the other. During this process, she had each of them bring someone out side of the company with them for personal support as well as to be a witness to Ashley’s none biases position. Both Jamie and Miles were instructed to keep the situation confidential and to not discuss any parts of the accusations at work or to anyone in affiliation with the company whether during company hours or not. After a month long internal investigation, Miles was offered a lower paying position in another department. He refused and threatened to sue. He didn’t stand a chance at winning because evidence had proven that he had indeed been sexually harassing Jamie as well as other female and homosexual employees. Ashley really could have fired him but instead she offered him a position that he more than likely would refuse. He voluntarily ended his employment as predicted. The way Ashley chose to handle this situation save the company from a law suit from either Jamie or Miles. She also saved the company from having to pay unemployment because Miles quite voluntarily.
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