The Legal Establishment Of Two Individuals Creating Vows

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The legal establishment of two individuals creating vows to commit to each other defines what marriage is, it may just be more than just the paperwork and the ceremonies; but two people having a mindset and a lifestyle with another person in their interest. It could be affection, or it could be expectation like it was centuries ago. Either way, a relationship between a man and a woman creating vows and committing to each other begin and end with specific expectations, a lifestyle change, and somebodies “perfect image” of that special someone. Today, being married means a lot to live up too; loyalty, dependability, cooperation, and a joined effort especially within the household. Lifestyles may change whether it’s the man or the wife and it can depend on who has the money, the job, and the ability to survive. Meaning one or the other have to be willing to live differently for their special someone. Also most of the time, usually by the man, a person is imagined in their heads the “perfect person” who they are married too.. First, a marriage begins with expectations especially in the 20th through the 21st century. Like the movies describe, woman stays home raising the kids, making dinner, making sure the house is clean, and taking care of her husband while he works and earns the money to survive and keep the household running. These expectations can be hard to live up too when it’s not in someone’s favor, which can cause a problem. In Kate Chopin’s The Story of an Hour, Mrs.
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