The Legal History Of Government Policies

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The legal history of government policies in the United States closely parallels the economic and social trends the shapes the country. The United States Government has overstepped their boundaries on many occasions for the benefit of their American citizens. Government policies were voted into law in pursuit of a better society for the U.S. citizens even if the laws infringe on their constitutional rights. Controversial subjects such as the constitution 's second amendment, the right of the people to bear arms, is a prime example of the government involvement yielding uncertain social challenges. As Americans this is important when it comes to our future rights as citizens. The question is, should the United States Government dictate policies at the Federal level or should the States maintain control? The bottom line is we are a republic, our government works for the people, and must be in agreement in future policy change. It is our constitutional right.
The “conceal and carry” policy has been left to the individual states to be implemented. One of the concerns of weapon concealment is how can law enforcement legally search who is carrying a concealed weapon without infringing on their fourth amendment? Vernick, et al. explains that Illegal gun carrying, usually concealed, in public places is an important risk factor for firearm-related crime; however, within the next few years new technologies may be available that will enable the police to identify persons carrying
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