The Legal Intervention And Deviance Essay

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Legal Intervention and Deviance Deviance is a concept that is inevitable in society because the citizens of the United States have the freedom to do as they please, as long as it doesn’t break the law. New norms and deviant acts are being created and modified over time. Since everyone has their owns beliefs on how they should live their lives, the U.S. has a diverse way of living. Deviance comes natural when people do not follow what we think are our social norms are, whether it is having multiple wives, exotic dancing, or stealing. However, the law comes into play vividly when the rules are broken even if it’s a religion. Throughout this paper religious beliefs, cyberspace, and types of intervention will be examined through the concept of deviance. The difference between informal deviance and formal deviance explains what makes a deviant act punishable by the law. What is considered deviant to one person, may not be deviant to another person, with the every changing view on deviance there comes a clash in what is and what isn’t deviance. The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints was once home to nearly 800 people who all answered to Warren Jeff. Warren Jeff was the leader of a secret community that lived under rich religious beliefs. This temple was referred to as Yearning for Zion Ranch, where Mormons could live peacefully in a nontechnology society. This Mormon community grew their own food, had their own schools, and their own beliefs. The core
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