The Legal Issues For Technologists

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Introduction Legal Issues for Technologists, has been an extremely informative class in which much was learned. It directly tied into many of the topics that I have studied in other classes. Entrepreneurial studies and sustainability seem to be at the very core of many majors here at Arizona State University, my major is no exception. In my previous classes I have had to reflect on the materials of the class and demonstrate my knowledge of the curriculum, so that I may bring my skills to my practices in the real world. While I did have some general ideas about various concepts and topics covered in this class. Much previous knowledge was very non-specific and I had many gaps in my understanding. In classes taught by Lucy Qiu, I have learned the incredibly intricate, and often tedious nature of entrepreneurial finance. Aram Chavez has taught me the value of marketing, the power of the cult, and brought insight into the dealings that an entrepreneur might encounter throughout their Aha to Exit journey. Jason Bronowitz has instilled skills relating to the building products, brands, and creating market opportunity analyses. And Finally, as we come to the end of the fall 2015 semester it is once again time for me to reflect on my studies to see what I will carry with me into the future. In an effort to conduct a thorough and effective reflection, one that I believe will be the most beneficial to me, it is imperative that we start at the beginning of the class. I would like
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