The Legal Liability Of Apple 's Itunes

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Introduction Fish Bone Diagram – Intellectual Property COPY RIGHTS “Applies Liability to Copyright Infringement with the invention of iTunes and iPod” Protection of intellectual property (IP) is devised into four parts: copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and patents. Even though all four parts share a common goal, each follow its own special sets of rules and requirements. The part of this paper, specifically concentrated on the copyrights infringement. Although copyright infringement Acts are established and strictly enforced by the federal government, many companies still figure out a way to go around them. One of the biggest controversies of the 21st century is discussed in a case study in this paper “The Copyright Crusher: How Apple’s iTunes is a vehicle designed for copyright infringement and Apple’s legal liability from its creation”. [2] The paper describes the fundamental issues of copyright protections, the way iTunes enable the infringement of the rights, and the legal liability of Apple. The paper explicitly focuses on: Direct infringement: • Violation of at least one exclusive right granted to copyright holder. • The derivation of the original work. • How the creation of iTunes and its operation infringe on rights protected by the Copyright Act. • Potential defenses. • Potential liability from the creation of iTunes. Copyright protects almost all works of creative expression “fixed in a tangible medium of expression” but it
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