The Legal Obligations Of The Manager

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I enjoyed catching up with you on last Friday, and I would like to thank you for asking for my input with the situation you are facing with your department. It is not easy dealing with people who lack morals and values, but we have to find a way to include upper management to help resolve the difficulties organizations face on a daily basis. As a dear friend, I will make a few recommendations on handling this type of situation in a legal, professional manner. Relying upon trusted professional colleagues and friends help sustain accurate self-reflection and the emotional and psychological endurance needed to bring energy and commitment to the position (Evans School of Public Affairs).
What are the underlying legal obligations of the manager? In situations such as discrimination against persons of different race, gender, ethnicity and religion, it is the manager’s obligation to hold the discriminator accountable for his/her actions. Since Nancy Williams is the director of the department, it is her mission to make sure everyone is being treated with respect; everyone is truthful and honest; everyone is being included in decisions made; and overall no one is being discriminated against. If discrimination is being tolerated without castigation, Nancy will be held liable for every individual’s action causing legal quandaries. Recognizing dignity of human is the foundation of respect. Respect requires us to treat all humans with civility and appropriate honesty. It also entails…
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