The Legal Process of Medical Consent for Adolescents

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According to the NMC code (2010), all nurses and health professionals have an obligation of duty to gain consent from their patients before any treatment or care is given (NMC, 2010). People have their own rights to accept or decline to treatment, and professionals should uphold individual’s rights in being fully involved in the decision making process (NMC, 2008). This assignment will discuss the moral principle autonomy, and capacity, in relation to the case of Hannah Jones.
In the recent years, the case of Hannah Jones has been a popular subject in the media. Hannah Jones was a 13 year old who required a heart transplant, and had been previously treated for leukaemia at the age of 5. Hannah refused to have the transplant as there were potential risks from prescribed immunosuppressant’s, which could cause recurrence of her leukaemia resulting in a further transplant. If she did not have the transplant, she would continue to deteriorate and die. As Hannah’s parents supported her decision, the child protection team from the hospital became involved. They informed Hannah’s parents that it would be taken to the High Court to enforce Hannah to have the treatment. However, after Hannah was interviewed by a member of the team, her refusal was upheld. A year later, Hannah’s health continued to deteriorate and she changed her mind and was…
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