The Legal Profession And Legal Education

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Introduction This essay outlines two of the most important problems and/or challenges facing lawyers and the legal profession in regard to access to justice for all Australians. The essay will look at how the profession and legal education should respond to these challenges. In society today many industries are facing challenges and problems, including lawyers and the legal profession. The legal profession, in general, is now finding itself having to adapt to changes at a faster rate at any time in its history. The profession faces many challenges such as adapting to the new age with advances in technology, being forced to adapt and develop of face a downward slop. It also faces problems such self litigation by clients thus loosing money. This essay is broken up into two sections, both sections will examine a problem or a challenge that lawyers or legal professions faces, it will then analyze how to overcome such issue if at all possible. The first section of this essay is on the new era, how lawyer and legal practices have to adapt to the new technology that has advanced in the twenty-first century. The second section is on self representation litigation as more people are actively representing themselves in court or tribunal proceedings on their own behalf. The new age technology Technology is one way legal professions can improve efficiency and reduce cost. It has a profound impact on the legal profession, particularly in the areas of increasing efficiency and
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