The Legal Profession Of A Lawyer

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On December 8th, after a slight struggle to conduct an interview, I was able to get in contact with Matthew Resch for an interview over the phone, through the help of my classmate Selene. Matthew is currently an in-house counsel. He is required to serve a wide variety of legal matters for the company. I was happy when I heard this because coincidencedently I also hope to pursue a career in corporate law. However prior to being an in-house counsel he practiced law at a private firm for several years. Because of this he has a fairly large view of the legal field, and thus understands the pros and cons of many aspects of the legal profession. Initially I began the interview with some basic questions that anyone in the legal profession would be able to answer. In my first question I asked Matthew, what made him want to become a lawyer. He responded by telling me that he wanted to be able to help people. More specifically, he thought that by becoming a lawyer he would have a figurative toolbelt that he could use to help people in need of legal assistance. There are a lot of reasons that someone shouldn’t become a lawyer, but I thought that this was actually one of the noble reasons. Next, I asked him, if law school adequately prepared him to practice law in his field. He responded by telling me that any law school will get you part of the way there, but none of them will make you completely prepared for the first client that you need to handle. One important thing
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