The Legal Profession Of The Gilded Lawyers

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Trial Lawyer Did you know that at present, there is only one lawyer for every 247 Americans in the Unites States? A lawyer is “a person trained in the legal profession who acts for and advises clients or pleads in court” (Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus). According to about careers, there are many different types of lawyers, among the top five highest paying legal professionals around the globe are trial lawyers. The first lawyers, also known as the “Gilded Lawyers” arranged the United Auto Workers (UAW) and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) in the early 1930s (“National Lawyers Guild). The actions the Gilded Lawyers made gave them useful experience for defending the rights given to us by the First Amendment and suffused the work of the business in later years. Today, trial lawyers must meet specific job requirements and qualifications such as working under stressful conditions for long periods of time, making a profitable salary, and keeping up with the ever changing future needs for the career. Career Requirements and Qualifications Trial lawyers are required to work efficiently under stressful conditions for long periods of time. According to a survey done on the average salaries of the New York attorneys, most lawyers work an average of 42 billed hours per week (“How Many Hours A Week Does A Lawyer Work?”), however this does not include unbilled hours. The survey also stated that attorneys generally worked an average of 24 unbilled hours per week, when
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