The Legal Rights And Responsibilities Of The Tenant Landlord Law

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Landlord-Tenant Law
April N. Wright
Professor Francis Hatstat
Business Law 1

Q. 1.Explore the legal rights and responsibilities of the tenant and the landlord.
Tenant-landlord law
The federal registration as well the state property laws lays out the laws surrounding both the tenant and the landlord. Houses, mobile homes, apartments, are governed property laws. These laws are documented in the Landlord and Tenant Acts 1967 to 1994, Residential Tenancies (Amendment) as well as Residential Tenancies Act 2004. These laws do not cover tenants who have rented a room in the landlord’s home. Despite the fact that leases and agreements are agreed upon by the customer and the client, they cannot be take away the rights under the legislation. Both the tenants and landlords have both rights and obligations (Dowden,2014).
Rights of a tenant
A tenant has a right to enjoy a quiet and exclusive home. A tenant can ask the other tenants to reduce noise, if it is disturbing, and if this is not stopped, he can file a formal complaint.
Every tenant is entitled to a minimum accommodation standard. For example, the landlord must ensure that the property is under proper structural repair. The property should be in a proper state including doors, stairs, tiles etc. All the areas must be maintained in good condition and repair and must not be defective due to dumpiness. Equipment and machines under laundry, food preparation and food storage should be availed. Some of these are

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