The Legal Rights Of Mr. Bob Wheelie

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The following document provides information for Mr. Bob Wheelie to help him understand his legal rights and to help him resolve his conflict with Mr. Spoke. This document will be offering knowledge on the following matters an overview or guide on what false or misleading statements or claims are, what are the penalties impacted with making false or misleading claims and statements, the laws and regulations that comply with the situations such as information on contracts, commonwealth laws and legislations and an overview of a similar court case that has occurred with the outcome. A misrepresentation is a statement or a claim made by one to another that can either be misleading or false. This can happen not only is written contracts or contracts but also verbally, it can be as simple as when a person is talking to another and has provided them with information that is incorrect. For a business it is illegal or unlawful to be involved or make any statements in matters that can be mislead or misinformed or is likely to be mislead or misinformed to its customers or other businesses. The following can be classified as being misleading, the failure to disclose relevant information, predictions, opinions and promises. The conducts for the misleading or miss informing whether by action or statement includes advertising, any form of statements, promotions, quotations and by any representation made by a person.2 A form of misleading information or deceptiveness can be in the form
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