The Legal Rule Of The Court Essay

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Over the years, rules have been established by Supreme Court Cases in the interest of the defendants, for the protection of their Constitutional Rights and to make sure they have received a fair trial. These rules are created on a case by case situation in which certain situations arise and problems surface with the judicial system and the way that it is acting. One could not predict every problem that will arise in the court room, but all that can be done is to address the situations as they come about.
According to the Merrian Webster dictionary, the exclusionary rule is a legal rule that bars unlawfully obtained evidence from being used in court proceedings (Exclusionary Rule). It prohibits the prosecutor from using illegally obtained evidence against a defendant during a trial. The exclusionary rule is a court-made rule. This means that it was created not in statutes passed by legislative bodies but rather by the U.S. Supreme Court.
At one time, in past history, the seizure of evidence by illegal means did not affect whether or not it could be used in court. In fact, just so long as it was proven to be relevance and trust worthy, meeting certain evidentiary criteria for admissibility, any evidence, no matter how it was obtained, was acceptable in the court room. The exclusionary rule has been in existence since the early 1900 (Lawbrain). Before the rule was fashioned, any evidence was admissible in a criminal trial if the judge found the evidence to be relevant to the…
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