The Legal Stance Of School Uniform

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• Q1- Summarize the situation, present the legal stance, and assert what you believe the societal stance to be. Outline the expected consequences and benefits based on the accepted value systems. Start Here: There are many debates that have been brewing for decades surrounding contemporary educational ethical topics in the school system. This paper will touch on dress code and should all school implement their students wearing school uniform. A dress code reduce stress; everyone has on the same thing. Wearing a uniform creates unity. It tells the students we can look the same and still be different, and it helps reduce bullying. Dress codes is not a new article; schools have always had dress codes. Some rules were made for safety measures, others simply to regulate indecent attire. There are people who will disagree and say it two sides to uniform. Their argument is imposing school uniform creates other problems. Such as: provocative or casual attire, body piercing, outrageous hair colors and styles. I disagree school uniform have no effect on those areas. Children are trendy and the love social media so if colored hair is trending that’s what they will wear. If denim is hot they all what denim. When good teeth or putting diamond on your teeth was trendy all the children want it. In 1969 the U.S. Supreme Court established one of the first school dress code law. This was based on a case “Tinker vs. Des Moines Independent School District. There was a small group
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