The Legal Status Of Marijuana

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Furthermore, there are other articles that gave reliable information about the legal status of marijuana. This is important to know because legal ramifications is a very important aspect of the topic. These sources give information pertaining where it is legal and why it is not legal in other states. The article from divulged into the legal status. This thoroughly explained how the FDA currently does not approve the drug due to lack of scientific research. It also explained how and why the drug became Schedule 1.
Finally, contains details about the ethics of the topic. Medscape shows both sides of the story, which is more reliable than other sites that are too one sided. Medscape explained that those who support medical marijuana argue beneficence. Beneficence means “do all the good you can.” Supports of this are saying they are looking out for the best interest of the patient. While the other side argues non malfeasance and paternalism. They believe that prescribing medical marijuana is harming the patients. These people argue that the Hippocratic Oath states, “First, do no harm” also known as non malfeasance. Along with non malfeasance, they argue paternalism, which means protecting those with less knowledge or ability from themselves. Doctors should look out for the patient and help the make the best decision because they may not have the ability to make good medical choices.
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