The Legal Status Of Marijuana

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Furthermore, there are other articles that gave reliable information about the legal status of marijuana. This is important to know because legal ramifications is a very important aspect of the topic. These sources give information pertaining where it is legal and why it is not legal in other states. The article from divulged into the legal status. This thoroughly explained how the FDA currently does not approve the drug due to lack of scientific research. It also explained how and why the drug became Schedule 1.
Finally, contains details about the ethics of the topic. Medscape shows both sides of the story, which is more reliable than other sites that are too one sided. Medscape explained that those who
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First, I went onto to get some background information on medical marijuana. I learned that there were many facets to this topic. There were legal, ethical, and medical dilemmas with legalizing medical marijuana. I also discovered that many states already have the substance legalized. Another article where I found good background info about the risks, benefits, uses, and certification was “Medical Marijuana” by Amy E. Thompson. After gaining some basic knowledge there were a few questions that I knew I wanted to answer. I wanted learn things like what doctor’s opinions were, where was it legalized, and why the FDA and federal government has not approved it. In order to do so, I decided to find my answers by scouring reliable websites and articles. I visited informational websites such as,,,,, and Each website contained articles about the various legal, ethical, and medical aspects. From this, I learned vital information about the topic and was able to make my decision.
Findings: From the intense research the information learned included various doctor’s opinions, the government’s opinions, legalization, medical benefits, medical risks, and legal issues. First, the opinions of doctors are split because some support the idea while others oppose it. In both opinions, the doctor believes he
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