The Legal System Of England And Wales

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The legal system in England and Wales is in its core principle designed to provide solutions on disputes throughout fairness and equality. The piecemeal structure it is built on, provides a safety net for those uncertain in their genuine claims. Above all reasonability is the ultimate keystone to a successful claim. This essay will critically evaluate the statement in segments whilst explaining their available remedies, sanctions and objects within the context of contract law, tort law and criminal law. The validity of the entire statement will further be considered using the evidences established prior reaching a conclusion. “Civil remedies provide redress” It is possible to evaluate this statement in the context of contract law, where the means of Common law or Equity can be used to provide redress in form of a remedy. The type of remedy granted by the court, relies on what the claimant seeks to achieve. The notion of this concept is to award the claimant a pecuniary remedy rather than the punishment of the defaulting party. Which will put the claimant financially as near as possible into the position had the promise been fulfilled. The general objective deviates into specific types before suggesting a suitable remedy. Accordingly, this leads to Expectation losses, which seek to implement a position as if the contract had been performed. Furthermore, Reliance losses which aim to restore the position had the contract never been made. In addition, under certain
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