The Legal System Of The Law

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The law is worldwide; it affects almost every aspect of our everyday lives and also has an impact on every individual. There are many types of laws such as laws that deal with crimes and laws that govern activities within the community; there are also specific laws in certain portions of the legal system. Laws are made in order to give us rules of conduct that protect everyone’s individual rights (Canada Department of Justice). How law is dealt with is seen to vary throughout different countries for the reason that each country contains different laws that are based to fit their culture and customs. However, when law is dealt with, regardless of the area it is enforced in; if the crime of the accused is serious enough it will go through a trial system which is also seen to vary depending on the country. A trial system is the process of examining a case in the court of law and deciding if an individual is innocent or guilty of what they are being accused for (Macmillan dictionary). Trial systems are an important part of the legal system for the reason that everyone is entitled to the right of a fair trial procedure which allows the individual that is being accused to be determined innocent or guilty through the rule of law so that if the individual is in fact innocent then there will be no consequences and all will be forgotten and if guilty they will be dealt with properly. Trials are held accordingly depending on the trial system that is being used in that particular court

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