The Legal Systems Of The World-

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As the world is moving forward, the need for unified law is increasing. That is why mixed legal jurisdictions are being able to accommodate modern laws into their own jurisdictions. Several jurisdictions in the world have mixed legal heritage, as different countries have ruled them but some of the countries tend to adopt laws from other jurisdictions. Philippines is country who has a very strong mixed legal heritage and Japan also adopted law from U.S.A.
Sometimes minority in a society also demands their rights and jurisdictions around the world try to accommodate their rights as well.

Although Islamic traditions are pure but in matters like- commercial law and arbitration, they look into other jurisdictions. However, there through originations like Standardization, WTO that all the trade issues can be resolved. I will point out all the aspects mentioned above elaborately.

Chapter- 2: Basic legal systems of the world-

The Basic legal systems of the world are civil law, common law, and sharia law. Nevertheless countries around the world tend to incorporate variations of each legal system into their own. Of all the legal systems civil legal system the most widespread and this particular system is also known as “Continental European Law” as it was originated in Europe. Theoretically, civil law is codified and has widespread and updated codes. These codes determine whether a matter is capable enough to be brought before the court or not. However, in a civil law system…

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