The Legal Systems Of The World-

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As the world is moving forward, the need for unified law is increasing. That is why mixed legal jurisdictions are being able to accommodate modern laws into their own jurisdictions. Several jurisdictions in the world have mixed legal heritage, as different countries have ruled them but some of the countries tend to adopt laws from other jurisdictions. Philippines is country who has a very strong mixed legal heritage and Japan also adopted law from U.S.A.
Sometimes minority in a society also demands their rights and jurisdictions around the world try to accommodate their rights as well.

Although Islamic traditions are pure but in matters like- commercial law and arbitration, they look into other jurisdictions. However, there through
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Hence, in a civil law system judges’ role is not vital in decision making. They just interpret laws to come to a conclusion.

Now we will put light on the historical development of civil legal system. “Civil law” term derived from ius civile (latin). This law was applicable for all the Roman cives or citizens. Orgins and model of civil law are to be located in the Roman monumental compilation. In sixth century CE this was custom-built by the Emperor Justinian. However this compilation of the emperor was disoriented to the West after decades of its creation and later it was rediscovered which created the basis for legal education in eleventh-century Italy. The sixteenth century was recognized as Corpus iuris civilis. Throughout Europe following generations of legal scholars customized the doctrines of ancient law of Rome in the Corpus iuris civilis for contemporary needs. Also medieval academics of church of catholic or canon law were prejudiced by Roman law learning and they accumulated prevailing religious legal foundations into their own comprehensive system. In middle Ages, civil and canon, these two laws, were imparted in most universities, which shaped the foundation of a united body of legal thought and it was shared to majority of Europe. Therefore the birth and development of the tradition of medieval civil law founded on Roman law was
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