The Legality And Morality Of Abortion

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The legality and morality of abortion is a huge topic in today’s society. Are there ever times when it is justified? Who has a say in the matter of whether or not it is justified? How does one know how to justify abortion? “Given a particular pregnancy, who should decide whether or not it ought to be terminated?” (Jaggar, 218) People argue over whether or not the unborn child has the right to life or does the woman have the right to her own body. Other party’s possibly involved are the state, medical practitioners performing the abortion, and, of course, the father. There are clearly several parties that have a stake in being involved in the decision.

In this paper I will be analyzing an article written by one woman that believes that there do exist conditions under which the termination of a pregnancy could be justified. Furthermore she believes that the right to that decision-making belongs to the woman bearing the unborn child. In her article she choses not to include utilitarian arguments for two reasons, first because, according to her, most of them support her argument. Her second reason was that the main opposing utilitarian argument would likely result in the involuntary termination of pregnancies by the state for reasons of population control in todays society. Not only are there many people that might have a say in whether or not an abortion should be performed but also there are many circumstances that could have an impact upon the morality of and
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