The Legality Of Same Sex Marriage

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The Legality of Same-Sex Marriage Two single women living together could offer numerous interpretations. It is mostly uncommon and considered to be an issue for some people especially during the 19th century. The assumption then was that relationships were platonic but in recent years, different speculations started to came out (Lyness, Lipetz, and Davis 305). Different stories of intimate companionships prevailed and were contemplated to be unnatural as to the appeal of marriage between two women. Opposite presumptions however, argued that homosexual relationships should be acknowledged as legitimate because it is part of human rights to recognize and establish commitments, it stretches civil rights that concerns freedom and most especially, it is a step to gender equality. Marriage is part of human rights and it is the way society recognizes commitments between two people who share an intimate relationship with each other. It is a fundamental union and one’s right to marry the person he or she chooses to love. In recent years however, college has served a place for young people to live together before marriage. Many expressed concern on the threat of courtship and long-term relationships that involved homosexual partnerships (Risman, Hill, Rubin, and Peplau 77). However some evidences confirmed comparisons on cohabilitations and commitments between homosexual couples to be naturally similar to heterosexual relationships. A number of aspects were discussed such as
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