The Legality of Marijuana

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As members of a sophisticated and modern society, to participate in the day to day social life there are a few things we must act in accordance with. We must follow the natural laws that the societies have placed in order, and must establish guidelines by understanding their moral and ethical obligations. They are the foundations of our day to day life. Whether we choose to obey or disobey the norms and regulations of our social environment is determined by the way we appeal to their distinct morals and ethics.

There are many “ethical situations” in our society on which various people have various different opinions. The legality of marijuana is one such situation in the society regarding the morals and ethics. It is argued worldwide by
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They require accurate measurements of “utility.” Utilitarianism has to make very strong claims on what is right and wrong on a very vague concept such as happiness. Utilitarianism may find more use when determining how a military may provide relief aid to an allied country or determine how much funding an organization may allocate to any given entity. When the “utility” is something more concrete than mental and the idea of benefit is more relative. Utilitarianism would not work in a situation where a hospital must choose between a child and a celebrity both on the waiting list for a lifesaving organ transplant.

The two very different philosophical views react differently to the subject of marijuana legalization. Utilitarianism, for instance, would almost certainly legalize marijuana. This is a simple answer, because the way that Utilitarianism is laid out, the end goal is the greatest aggregate happiness. In an ideal Utilitarian world, there would be no laws, limits, or codes, save that everyone should be as happy as they can be. This may seem too good to be true, as though it would go to far and society would not be able to recover, but that is not the case. Things that are 'pleasurable' in moderation are not always so in excess. Some person with Mill's philosophy would only use marijuana if it brought them the greatest happiness possible. It stands to reason, and indeed Mill elaborates
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