The Legalizaiton of Gay Marriage Essay

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The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Yet, same-sex marriage continues to be a highly debated issue that leaves our society searching for answers. Now that the Supreme Court has made same-sex marriage legal, we will observe the impact upon parents, children, same sex couples, families, and the social and political world.

The arguments surrounding the issue though confrontational nonetheless are easily seen from a wide array of perspectives. One of the perspectives states that marriage is a promise to a spouse to stay loyal and faithful in all aspects of the words. The act of marriage includes financial, legal and social responsibilities for each partner. No matter
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They believe that a child raised by a homosexual couple will not be happy or stable in a family situation such as that. However, debaters say that hundreds of thousands of children all over the nation, live with single gay parents, or homosexual parents that do have a partner. The argument at hand questions, would the child benefit if the partners were married? The child would gain more of a family stability if the partners were to marry and the non- biological parent could adopt the child. This would give the child a more “traditional” and “normal” family value and lead to less confusion. (Wald, sec. 48)

The state of California recently voted on Proposition 22, a law to ensure that the state will not tolerate or allow marriages of the same sex. It declares, "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California." (Ben White Washington Post) The proposition held 63 percent of votes in favor of the ban and only 37 of the votes against. The law was passed and made California the 31st state to ban gay marriage (Wehmeyer, par 1).
Supporters of gay and lesbian unionization were furious with the results of the voting. Feeling stripped of their dignity and rights; homosexuals feel that the law is just one more prejudice against them. “I would like the ability,” says Laura Weinstock, a Californian citizen and lesbian, “to have the equal benefits and protections of
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