The Legalization And Regulation Of Marijuana

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Marijuana has had a long and sordid history in the United States. There is an ongoing debate in the country about the legalization and regulation of marijuana. The purpose of this report is to show the positive impact of the Federal legalization of marijuana. This report will show the benefits and drawbacks that will occur with Federal legalization. The first thing that will happen with legalization is the elimination of arrests for simple possession of marijuana. This will free up valuable law enforcement resources to target more serious and violent criminals. With the elimination of federal expenditures on prohibition enforcement, the federal government will save an estimated 3.5 billion dollars per year. This is strictly from marijuana enforcement; this does not include the amount that will be saved on investigations and court costs associated with it being legalized. There is currently no data that can be used to correlate the savings that will be provided. With all of the current increases in jobs, due to the legalization of marijuana, Colorado’s unemployment is virtually nonexistent. Taking this and using it as a model for the nation it would further reduce the amount the government spends on unemployment and welfare. This nation used to have marijuana growing rampant in the wild, hence its nickname “weed.” Our founding fathers, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, grew it at their plantations, using it for commercial purposes.
Once legalization is implemented,…

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