The Legalization Of Gay Marriage

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The most important cultural development in America in the last twenty-five years has definitely been the legalization of gay marriage. Few other issues in public policy have resulted in such a dramatic shift in public opinion as the controversy same-sex marriage and the rights that come along with the institute of marriage. The decade of the seventies was the time when numerous state statutes materialized defining marriages to only be valid between and man and a woman. Later in the nineties and on into two-thousands waves of political blocks on freedom to marry were instituted. Many states in the country began to pass increasingly restrictive statutes which were believed to promote unequal treatment of legally married same-sex couples. These statutes deprived them of the same protections and responsibilities that traditional marriages were guaranteed. Fortunately the Supreme Court made a historic ruling on June 26, 2015, that grants same sex couples an equal right to marry nationwide and creates a philosophical swing in law and our public attitude. The ruling has already created the most important yet contentious new constitutional liberty in more than a generation. This decision will forever alters our nation’s history and will rework the way society defines the traditional family, which means a significant impact on our culture. The freedom to marry is the most important cultural development in American history today because marriage is a protected commitment to liberty,
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