The Legalization Of Illegal Immigrants

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“Will I be next?” Is just one of the question every immigrant that gets to the United States will ask when they see a family member or friend get sent back home. Just like many, Jose Antonio Vargas, who wrote “Not Legal Not Leaving,” is an immigrant that got here illegally secretly and working here secretly fake identity, until he came out publicly. He believes that there isn’t much choice but live by a fake identity. One of the many issues that Vargas encounters is the comments and questions from people around him who believe he should be sent back. Likewise, many citizens are being taken away by ICE before they can be legalized or are by being found out. Next, the current legalization form makes it difficult to become a citizen. Also, unlike popular believe not all illegal immigrants are Latin Americans, people of different ethnicity come from all over the world looking for a better way of life. Since the legalization forms do not work, every illegal immigrant should be able to stay without the worry of being deported. With Vargas’s announcement it brought him many people who had their opinion to speak. Vargas finally having enough of his fear of being found out went out in public and revealed he was an undocumented immigrant. He tries to explain his reason when he states, “But the deception weighed on me. When I eventually decided to admit the truth, I chose to come out publicly.” Vargas was trying to ease his guilt by telling everybody he was an illegal citizen. He
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