The Legalization Of Marijuan A Positive And Negative Effects On American Society

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The legalization of marijuana can have many positive and negative effects on American society. State budgets are constantly looking for new avenues of revenue and ways to create new industry. The legal system in place is exhausted and unable to sustain the current rate of incarceration and enforcement. Our jails and prisons are overcrowded and law enforcement budgets are challenged every year trying to keep up with the enforcement of marijuana use, smuggling and production in addition to its other obligations. The legalization of marijuana could have a positive impact for law enforcement by freeing up resources that are currently focused on combating marijuana. If law enforcement was no longer obligated to arrest every user of marijuana for having a smoking device or a “joint” they could focus their efforts on combating victim related crimes and community orientated projects. Additionally, the cost of housing marijuana users in jails and time spent in court would no longer be an issue and would free up space and lessen the impact on our judicial system. Furthermore, if legalized marijuana could be purchased locally this could have the effect of taking money away from the drug cartels’ illegal marijuana. Conversely, legalized marijuana could create an even bigger underground market for drug cartels to take advantage of when legal marijuana supplies cannot keep up with demand. Marijuana legalization could also create a positive economic impact. A new industry would be…
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