The Legalization Of Marijuana ( Cannabis )

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Cannabinoids and Cancer Cancer is soon to be the leading cause of death in the United States. It currently accounts for nearly one in four deaths, and it is estimated that 1.6 million new cases will develop in 2014 (Freimuth,Ramer,&Hinz, 2009). Today, there are many treatments for cancer but they need to be implemented early and aggressively to achieve a therapeutic outcome. Therefore, it only makes sense to adventure out in the hopes of finding a more effective cancer treatment. Marijuana is a controversial topic in the news today, with many people for the legalization of medicinal use. Marijuana(cannabis) contains various organic chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. In the past few years, research into the anti-tumorigenic effects of cannabinoids have yielded some breathtaking results. This recent research has shown cannabinoids have the ability to inhibit tumor cell growth, and even program the cancerous cells to destroy themselves. These studies have also demonstrated that cannabinoids can affect the way tumor cells metastasize, and invade other tissues (Freimuth,Ramer,&Hinz, 2009). The following review will outline the data related to the impact of cannabinoids on cancer cell viability as well as their effectiveness in cancer symptom relief, compared to the treatments currently being practiced. The findings discussed here hope to shed new light on the therapeutic and anti-tumorigenic uses of cannabinoids. Current Practice Chemotherapy is the use of

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