The Legalization Of Marijuana

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The legalization of marijuana is a rapidly growing debate in modern day society. Many believe it can aid in economic growth and carry many health benefits. While legalizing marijuana might help states produce a surplus of tax revenue, it will end up hurting the economy down the road. Although marijuana may be able help treat certain diseases and cancers, it also poses potential health risk in the future. Legalizing marijuana will negatively affect the economy and public health in the long-term. In November 2012 in Colorado, 55% of registered voters approved an amendment that made it legal for the retail sale, purchase, and possession of marijuana (Implication of Marijuana). According to “The Implication of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado” there is no minimum age restriction for the use of marijuana, but only state residents may purchase it. Since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, the use of healthcare has increased. “Increased availability led to increased health care utilization related to marijuana exposure” (Monte, Zane and Heard). Since 2012, Colorado health clinics have seen an increase in clients due to overdose or pure marijuana intoxication. According to “The Implication of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado” this use to be rare until marijuana became legal. The side effects that were present in overdoses due to marijuana included “Anxiety, panic attacks, public intoxication, vomiting, and other nonspecific symptoms precipitated by marijuana use”
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