The Legalization Of Marijuana Legalization

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The Legalization of Cannabis in Ohio Marijuana is a controversial topic all across the United States. Recently marijuana has been voted on, legalized, and denied legalization in multiple states. There are still more states trying to fight the green fight for marijuana. The fight for legalization hasn’t been an easy one for cannabis supporters; they have been fighting tooth and nail to make it happen. One of the main concerns in the marijuana debates are whether or not marijuana is a gateway drug, one of the main reasons it was first made illegal (Narconon). What the long term effects of marijuana use are is another key question that must be posed before legalization can be determined. The economic effects have been, using Colorado as an example, increasingly positive. All of these factors must be taken into account in order to create an educated opinion on the topic of marijuana legalization. When all factors are considered, I believe that marijuana legalization absolutely should be passed. Numerous studies have in fact found that some users of marijuana do go on to use other illegal substances (Hall and Lynsky). Considering this though, a correlation between use of marijuana and other illicit drugs does not imply causation. This is to say that just because two things appear to have a relationship, does not mean that one or the other is the reason behind the other. Marijuana users that go on to other drugs may also do this due to previous mental conditions and
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