The Legalization Of Marijuana Legalization

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On November 8th, 2016, the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative may be included on the ballot. The people of California will vote on whether to legalize the recreational use of cannabis for adults. The move targets at regulating the consumption of the drug and taxing it like other legalized drugs. California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996 (National Institute of Drug Abuse). The state prohibited any legal actions from being taken on patients and recognized caregivers arrested in possession of the drug. This is considered the motivating factor for the push to legalize recreational use of the drug. There have been two fled attempts to achieve this. Both endeavors were defeated at the ballot stage. Forty years on the matter has risen again, and the people of California may have the mandate to legalize or not legalize the recreational use of the drug. The issue has resulted in an enormous debate. Those against the legalization of the drug argue on the basis of the adverse effects on the body and mind of the users. And on the other hand, proponents such as myself argue on the basis of economic benefits to the state and the reduction of the drug’s misuse. Opponents of the legalization of marijuana for recreational use argue that the use of marijuana have harmful effects on the body. One effect is to the lungs. Smoking marijuana results in a closely threefold increase in the inhalation of tar as compared to tobacco use. Research also shows that
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