The Legalization Of Marijuana Should Be Legal

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In the United States the legalization of marijuana has been one of the most controversial topics around the country. It is controversial to many people because under federal law the drug “marijuana” is illegal. However due to the positive medical purposes of the drug, under state law marijuana is legal in certain states either medically or recreationally. When you look back at this history of our country, we have been through many periods of growth, expansion, and prohibition. Topics such as the legalization of alcohol, and gay marriage have similarities with the legalization of marijuana because of the simple fact that these changes in society impact the way individuals live their lives. The benefits that this drug can bring to the country have sparked some interest from different scholars studying the topic. However, the negatives influences of the drug have brought up arguments that go against the legalization of marijuana. These issues with the drug can ultimately lead to major health issues, and more adolescent usage. This paper will review different schools of thought about why states in America have legalize marijuana have legalized marijuana medically and recreationally. To answer this question I took the method in choosing three different states in the country to look at the views and laws of marijuana. Each states in America has different needs, and laws. Looking into each individual state gives the best answer to why more and more states are starting…
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