The Legalization Of Marijuana Should Not Be Beneficial

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The legalization of marijuana is such a growing debate in the United States, whether it’s on television, in the classroom, or in your own kitchen; you may find yourself debating about it with someone. You are either for it, against it, or indifferent. Either way you still have an opinion of some sort about the legalization of marijuana. Christopher Beach and William Bennett are no different. The release of their article on called “Legalize Juggernaut” on timing is perfect since the legalization of marijuana is such a hot topic these days. With Some states already starting to decriminalizing the possession of marijuana and other states Like Colorado making marijuana totally legal, it’s a no brainier that Beach and Bennett chose to write an article about this topic. The two authors of the article “Legalize Juggernaut”, Beach and Bennett are strongly against legalizing marijuana. They argue that legalizing marijuana won’t be beneficial to anyone one in the United States. Beach and Bennett had numerous reasons behind their claim. One of their reasons is that over the last 10 years, fatal car accidents involving people who were stoned have tripled. Another reason that Beach and Bennett claim marijuana should be legalized is because it won’t produce a financial windfall and the money that state government in Colorado will make because of legalization won’t be as great as the societal cost of wasted lives”. Their last reason Beach and Bennett say marijuana
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