The Legalization Of Organs Of The United States

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Executive Summary

There is a well-established industry for the buying and selling of organs to those who are in dire need of a transplant, both legally and illegally, in many different countries. The legalization of the sale of organs in the United States would have serious consequences and raises many ethical dilemmas- regardless of religious beliefs. There are several ideas presented in this paper that present the issues that have hindered the progression of the legalization of organs. Currently, there is an organ waiting list of 123,897 patients on the organ recipient list ,the number of transplant that have actually occurred in January - August 2014 are 19,426 (Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network). There is no denying that there is a significant gap between the number of transplant surgeries performed and those awaiting a donor. The ever growing need for these lifesaving organs is clear, but to allow human beings to sell parts of their body is not the solution to this complex problem.
I have included in the following report five research based ideas regarding the consequences that would ensue if the legalization of transplants were to occur and the human principals it will violate:

1. “Do no Harm” Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians upon the completion of the doctorate and vow to cause no unnecessary harm to an already healthy adult.
2. Regulation of cost for the donor to decide the amount of money they receive in order to make the procedure fair on the…
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